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09 November 2002 @ 10:07 am

not yet quiet enough
too loud to show my face
& the colour it really is
someday i will know me
better than he thinks he does
Nuggie: tamara and my hands - loveccnuggie on November 9th, 2002 01:22 pm (UTC)
Wonderful! I love the glasses :)

Is that a new shirt? I don't recognize it.
belly gone badmarabell on November 9th, 2002 06:41 pm (UTC)
thanks.. not new shirt.. though.. my sister got it for me a few years ago in germany.. could you tell i took it through a box for a barbie doll type thing? see the microphone in both the photos? (it was actually taken through my donnie osmond doll package.. since i cant take them out and photograph them.. heh)

love you